David Bowie Told Dave Grohl to F*** Off

Truly charming

Famous musicians being rejected by David Bowie seems to be a trending topic these days. As a musical genius, Bowie apparently had the tendency to turn down collaborations with many interested parties. First to come forward with the sting of rejection was Coldplay, then the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s and now Dave Grohl has shared his hilarious story.

Grohl and Foo Fighters bandmate, Pat Smear, cruised around visiting historical Bowie landmarks in L.A. for a Playboy Online Video. In the video Grohl remembers two years ago when he was approached to do a song for a movie and he thought, “Maybe I’ll have someone else sing, I’ll do the music and then have another vocalist.” He proceeded to e-mail Bowie and see if he’d be interested. Bowie responded, “David, I watched the movie and I got to be honest, it’s not my thing. I’m not made for these times.” Grohl sent a quick e-mail back thanking him, to which Bowie replied, “Alright well that’s settled then, now fuck off.” Charming, right?

Grohl obviously doesn’t have any hard feelings as he teamed up with Beck and alive Nirvana members for a cover of Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World”.

Watch the full L.A. tour below.