David Bowie’s $100 Million Fortune Will Divided Among Family

As well Bowie's plans for his remains detailed on will

When David Bowie passed away, he left his $100 Million (USD) fortune to be divided among family, and very close friends. The twenty page document written in 2004, detailed by the New York Times also dictated what to be done with his remains.

His wife of 23 years, Iman is to recieve half of his fortune, plus his $4 Million SoHo apartment they shared in Manhattan. His son Duncan Jones of a previous marriage is to receive 25% of his fortune, the same as his daughter with Iman, Alexandria Zahra Jones, though she will receive it through a trust as she’s only 15 years old. Alexandria will also recieve Bowie’s upstate New York “mountain retreat” home.

In addition, $2 million is to be left to his longtime personal assistant Corinne “Coco” Schwab. Bowie references her as “saving his life” during his wilder days in the 70s as The Telegraph claims. Schwab also is to recieve Bowie’s stock in “Opossum Inc.,” a questionable company which the lawyer who revealed the will would not comment on. Finally, $1 Million is to be left Marion Skene, Duncan’s nanny as a kid.

As for Bowie’s remains, as a longtime Buddhist, David Bowie wanted his ashes to be spread in Bali. After a trip with Iggy Pop, he “was so taken with Bali, that he had an Indonesian-style refuge built on Mustique, in the Caribbean.” He also noted that his body be “cremated there in accordance with the Buddhist rituals” describes the Times. “If that is not practical, then I direct that my executors shall arrange for my remains to be cremated and my ashes scattered in Bali.”

As expected, even Bowie’s cremation is a beautiful work of art.