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Deanna Petcoff shares retro video for new track ‘Failing Upwards’

Toronto’s Deanna Petcoff has officially signed to Royal Mountain Records. To celebrate, she’s shared a video for her new single, “Failing Upwards.”

Petcoff has been a fixture of Toronto’s DIY indie rock scene for a while now. However, this track truly cements her place in the local music scene. “Failing Upwards” is a confessional track all about falling out of love. The cheeky lyricism truly takes the forefront, as Petcoff sings lines like, “I’m wondering how I’m ever gonna put up with me.” The accompanying video has a retro tinge, as the artist escaping everything in a convertible.

“‘Failing Upwards’ wasn’t supposed to be a happy song,” Deanna Petcoff explains. “At the time I was trying to make a relationship work that clearly wasn’t working with someone I was really in love with. I felt like every choice I had made and continued to make was the wrong one and that everything I did just added more fuel to a growing fire. When I was writing ‘Failing Upwards’ I was thinking about my journey as a woman falling in and out of love.”

“This is a song about not being at your best, but doing better than before.”

Watch the video for “Failing Upwards” below.

Deanna Petcoff is a truly talented songwriter. She details her frustrating experiences as a young woman finding her voice and identity. Her forthcoming music explores love, heartbreak, and vulnerability.

With a surf sound on the chorus, you’ll find yourself revisiting this dynamic tune again and again. Sure to be a song of the summer, “Failing Upwards” is a track that puts Petcoff’s heart on her sleeve.

What a perfect tune to celebrate her signing to Royal Mountain Records!
Lead photo courtesy of Nadia Doss.

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