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Dear Rouge share sentimental video for delicate new single ‘Life Goes By And I Can’t Keep Up’

Alt-rock duo Dear Rouge are back with a video for their new single, “Life Goes By And I Can’t Keep Up.”

The emotive new track is delicate and raw. On “Life Goes By And I Cant Keep up,” the pair share lead vocals, delivering lines with clarity. The accompanying Lindsey Blane-directed video follows Danielle and Drew McTaggart walking through the streets of Vancouver. The clip is powerful in its simplicity, as it captures the poignant ways that life continues to move on without you.

“The song came to us when we were at our friend Brendan Canning’s (of Broken Social Scene) house after a semi-successful writing session at a studio nearby,” Danielle says. “He invited us over to his beautiful heritage home in downtown Toronto for a hang. Of course, we couldn’t refuse. Surrounded by his impressive record collection and our bellies perfectly full of pizza and wine, I sat down at his upright piano. As I played and enjoyed the vibe, the riff in the chorus and the words just came right out. ‘Life goes by and I can’t keep up,’ I kept singing it over and over. Right away Drew picked up an acoustic and Brendan chimed in with some amazing guidance, the song’s structure, and it all just kind of happened. We knew we had something special from that evening on.”

Watch the video for “Life Goes By And I Can’t Keep Up” below.


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“We ended up writing the rest of the tune at our cabin at Cultus Lake,” Danielle continues. “The verse lyrics were interesting to write, because we talked about situations in our own lives. Feelings and times f nostalgia that we didn’t want to end, or so badly wanted to end. Sometimes it seems like life is going forward and you are stuck with all the unanswered questions or times you wish you could go back to. Years can go by in a flash and you wonder what happened to all that time. This was our vulnerable side on that, almost a journal of how we often feel after a long weekend with friends, or right after a call from a doctor or family member expressing losses. Life is so up and down and it’s a ride we can’t get off of.”

“Life Goes By And I Can’t Keep Up” serves as the follow-up to their infectious return, “Fake Fame.” “Fake Fame” was their first new single in three years. It followed the release of their 2018 album Phases.

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