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Watch: CHVRCHES Lauren Mayberry Joins Death Cab for Cutie for “Brothers on A Hotel Bed”

On June 15th, 2016 Death Cab for Cutie was joined by Chvrches Lauren Mayberry on stage in Charleston, South Carolina during a performance of the Seattle band’s beloved 2005 ballad, “Brothers on a Hotel Bed.”  

Mayberry and Gibbard trade vocals during the track, which originates from their fifth studio album Plans(2005). In the video below you can see the duet in which both Gibbard and Mayberry perform beautifully.

It is hard to imagine that later that same night amidst playing “Soul Meets Body,” Gibbard stopped mid song, tossed off his equipment and exited the stage.

It’s most surprising because there is very little lead up to the exit. He is singing and swaying along before suddenly ripping out his earpiece, taking off his guitar and slamming down the mic stand. Reports state that they did return to the stage shortly later to finish their set. The reasoning for the exit remains unknown.

You can see the exit in the video below:

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