Death From Above 1979 New album details

DFA 1979 gives details of upcoming album

Death From Above 1979 has been teasing their fans with some new stuff for a while now. They’ve shared a tiny snippet of new music on their website and played new material on tour, and finally the duo have given details about new album. The album called The Physical World is being produced by Dave Sardy and is set to hit shelves September 9 via Last Gang.

The Physical World contains tracks called “Right On” and “Virgins”, along with lead single “Cheap Talk”. DFA’s Sebastien Grainger said that the band’s fans played a big role in inspiring the new material:

“No matter what Jesse and I do, on whatever scale of success it’s sat on, there’s always some kind of reference to Death From Above. It’s only frustrating because it’s so lazy. So we’re putting out a Death From Above record and if the press is like, ‘It’s not what we expected,’ or however they react to it, it’s like, ‘Well, you’ve been fucking asking for it.'”