Death From Above 1979 Reveal Big Teaser

DFA1979's website has been wiped clean, saved for a very short and hinting audio file.

Death From Above 1979 have seemingly confirmed the recent talks of a new and very secretive album by the arrival of a sound clip on their website. The mind-numbing loop is only a tiny taste of what’s to come, but you can be assured that we’re all very excited to hear new music from the Torontonian duo.

Last Gang Records indicated that their will be new music from the duo coming in 2014, but the timeline for it’s completion is indefinite.

There’s no official statement from the band or Last Gang that this will be on the upcoming album, but we can only hope as the website has been wiped clean of any social interaction except for a Reddit link devoted to DFA updates. Join the conversation and maybe you can find out more details through the community members.

Click here to listen to the teaser.