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Dendrons share punky new single ‘Vain Repeating’

Chicago outfit Dendrons have shared a new single, “Vain Repeating.”

The track serves as the final preview of their forthcoming sophomore album, 5-3-8, out August 26th via Innovative Leisure. Moving toward a punky new sound, “Vain Repeating” hones in on gritty guitar riffs, wailing vocal lines, and rowdy, frenetic percussion.

“The song was created as a word of pastiche of inconsequential data, spit out in aura of self-importance,” Dendrons’ Dane Jarvie explains. “The song deals with a loose promise of either cathartic piety, or vanity, through repetition, depending on who you’re talking to.”

Watch the video for “Vain Repeating” below.

The title, 5-3-8, references a lyrical refrain on the album that refers to “fifths, thirds, octaves only.”

In addition to “Vain Repeating,” 5-3-8 features previously released singles “New Outlook II,” “Tangle,” and “Wait in Line.” The lyrics in the album have partially been weaved together with a cut-up method, as Dendrons have snagged words and phrases from places like CNN and CSPAN.

“That was a real intention with this record was to try different techniques in terms of how words are coming together–stringing together sentences through collage,” Jarvis says.

Pre-order 5-3-8 here and check out the tracklist below.

5-3-8 Tracklist:

01 – “Wait In Line”
02 – “Double Ending”
03 – “Vain Repeating”
04 – “People Scare Me”
05 – “New Outlook”
06 – “New Outlook II”
07 – “High In The Circle K”
08 – “Interlude (Adjusting To The Light)”
09 – “Octaves Only”
10 – “Tangle”
11 – “True”

“You’re always gonna leave a record feeling like there is something more to be said,” Jarvie adds. “I don’t believe in a magnum opus. Art is contextual and exists for the specific time and circumstance it was created in. Every record is a conversation with the last.”

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