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Did 15k Americans Really Vote For Harambe During the Election?

Following Donald Trump’s controversial White House victory, photos started appearing on Twitter of voters boasting about penning “Harambe” on the write-in section on their ballots.

If you don’t know who or what Harambe is – we are jealous of you. The rumoured presidential candidate’s death sparked outrage in the spring after he was shot when a toddler fell into his enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo.


Since the incident, Harambe has been the face of countless memes, punch lines and apparently, the 2016 election.


Rumours started piling in, and soon the few photos turned into a headline scandal, claiming over 11,000 people voted for the deceased gorilla. Then the number turned into 14,000, then 17,000, and then 20,000 – which lead logical thinkers into suspicion.

Considering all write-in candidates must fill out extensive paperwork before the official voting day to ensure their votes are counted separately.. it would have been pretty hard for Harambe because he’s dead. And a Gorilla.


And, even if the ghost of Harambe learned to read, write, and understand presidential candidate requirements (apparently you don’t need that to qualify), if his name was not on the ballot, which it wasn’t, his votes would have been put into an “other” category, and tabulated after the fact. Not only this, but in eight states, there’s no write-in option. So, this leaves only 10 states where Harambe could’ve been written in with no prior qualifications, and counted on short notice – and it is merely impossible that just 10 states acquired over 11,000 votes for Harambe… at least, we hope.

Nevertheless, to the people who did vote Harambe in their write-in section, you got the closest thing to a monkey: Donald Trump.

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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