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Did Coldplay rip off Bring Me The Horizon’s Album Art?

Coldplay are once again caught in a bit of plagiarism controversy, this time over album artwork for their recently announced A Head Full of Dreams.

Fans of the metalcore group Bring Me the Horion were quick to point out similarities between the band’s 2012 album artwork from Sempiternal to Coldplay’s album art released last week. Both use the “Flower of Life” pattern, which happens to be a popular cultural image.

Speaking to NME recently, BMTH’s frontman Oli Sykes says that whether or not they “intended to”, they would have certainly come across the image at some point.

“They might not have known at first,” he said. “But obviously if you google ‘flower of life’ the first thing that comes up is ‘Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal‘, it’s like, if you Google the images, someone’s gonna have said something to them, so whether it was intentional or not, it is the same.”

though it doesn’t sound like the band is anywhere close to any sort of legal action for “jackin’ our steeze” (as they put it) because of the image’s long history. “It’s not ours, it’s kind of cool really, it’s a cool thing that a band that big are also gonna be sharing that with people”.

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