Did Grateful Dead Spend 50k on a Artificial Rainbow?

Was this Rainbow MAN MADE?

On Saturday night ‘The Dead’ had their first performance together in almost 20 years. Thousands lined a massive stadium in Santa Clara, California but the ending of their set was almost too fitting. A massive rainbow arched behind the stage as the band said their goodbyes.

You’re probably saying “So what? A rainbow appeared, big whoop.” Well this rainbow is causing some controversy because there is a rumour floating around that it was fake. It first started with an article on Billboard (which has since been taken down) claiming an “insider” confirmed it was artificial, and cost the band $50,000. Some Reddit users were saying the technology exists to do such a thing and others said the weather was optimal for a rainbow appear.


Grateful Dead have yet to comment but their lighting director Paul Hoffman did respond:


Looks like we’ll never know…

(Photos by Consequence of Sound)