Did You Know Giant Goldfish Are Living in Toronto’s Waters?

What happens after you release your pet fish into the wild

Goldfish will stay cute and tiny as long as they’re kept in a fishbowl or other small container, but they’ll quickly adapt to a larger environment if you let them.

Tons of hefty goldfish have been turning up in Toronto’s lakes and ponds for quite a while now, and they’re a fast-multiplying breed. With unlimited access to resources, they tend to gorge themselves and can grow up to a few pounds in weight.

According to a fish expert with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, goldfish consistently appear during Toronto fisheries surveys, and every once in a while you get “big fat ones that look like pumpkins they’re so big and orange.”


While this may seem harmless, goldfish feed on aquatic plants, destroying the natural habitat for other fish and wildlife. They also tend to crossbreed with koi, and their offspring end up even bigger.

Some of the big fish are sent to the ROM as samples and sometimes they’re taken home as pets.

And now you know what happens when you flush Fred.

(Photo via Metro News)