Did You Know There’s a George Costanza Themed Bar in Australia

What's so great about a mom and pop store?

A George Costanza-themed bar opened in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve, and proves that the balding, anxiety-prone New Yorker appeals to beer lovers worldwide.

Since Australia is lightyears away, here a few things the internet has told us about George’s Bar in Melbourne’s Fitzroy area:

The owners “really like Seinfeld

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, co-owner and operator Dave Barrett said the idea began with the team’s love for Seinfeld.

“We came up with the name George’s and worked backwards, concept-theming it,” Barrett told media. “George Costanza suits a bar in a lot of ways. The humour around George works.”

Even the food and drinks are Costanza-themed!

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The drink menu at George’s Bar contains a variety of Seinfeld-related drinks including, “The Summer of George” and “The Hand Model”. Hungry? The bar also serves Costanza-themed “toasties” (sandwiches) including “The Costanza”, “The Quitter”, “Mom and Pop” and “Art Vandalay”.

It’s decorated to the nines with images of Costanza and corresponding quotes from the show

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On top of all the pictures and quotes, Barrett plans on putting up autographed photos in the future from George himself. Another fun feature to the bar is the quotes that customers are greeted with on the way in. Across the front doors are “It’s not a lie if you believe it!” and “Everyone must like me, I must be liked!”

It’s quite the artsy bar

Barrett hopes that local Aussie artists will display their Seinfeld-themed work at George’s Bar, which is located in an already artsy neighbourhood. Fitzroy is often compared to Williamsburg in New York, complete with vintage stores, vegetarian restaurants, and artists. A Melbourne-based artist is currently working on eight Costanza pieces, and Barrett is planning a showcase for him at the bar.

Jason Alexander is honoured to have a bar dedicated to him.

What a guy.