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Dine Alone: More Than Just Music

Joel Carriere and Jordan HastingsDine Alone Records was born in 2005 with co-foudners Joel Carriere and Greg Below debuting City and Colour’s Sometimes as their first release. It’s almost been 10 years since then and they’ve only continued to pick up steam, now recognized as one of Canada’s biggest independent labels.

So what do you do once you’ve conquered the music industry? You move to food! Yes, Dine Alone Foods is officially up and running with Dine Alone co-founder Joel Carriere and former Alexisonfire drummer Jordan “Ratbeard” Hastings at the helm. The company was born through a shared appreciation of both good food, good music and of course all things barbecue.

Currently there is a trio of sauces you can treat your palate to:

– Northern Soul Sweet Chipotle BBQ Sauce
– Southern Blues Kickin’ Original BBQ Sauce
– Rock N’ Roll Hot Sauce

Carriere says, “During our time touring together, we experienced so many amazing food scenes around the world, which inspired us to develop a line of sauces to reflect that.”

Hastings added, “Being a musician is all about using your sense as a guide. The passion that goes into writing and playing a piece of music is one in the same with using your senses to create a dish with the perfect ingredients.”

Dine Alone Foods sauces are featured on the menus of Toronto’s Lets Be Frank, Boots and Bourbon, The Dog and Bear, and Hogtown Smoke. The sauces can be purchased in Whole Foods locations throughout Ontario and through their online store here.

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