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The Dinosaur Provincial Park In Alberta Offers Stunning Winter Landscapes

The Dinosaur Provincial Park Is One Of Canada’s Most Unique & Interesting Attractions

At Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, looking for ancient bones and artefacts is all in a day’s work.

In addition to amazing campsites, many of which back onto the river, there are also gorgeous hikes, vistas, and plenty of wildlife to enjoy in this sprawling provincial park.

Where Is The Dinosaur Provincial Park Located?

dinosaur provincial park
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This unique park is located about two hours outside of Calgary, and nearly five hours outside of Edmonton. In other words, it’s located at the heart of the province, in the area known as Alberta’s badlands.

This is a link to the exact location on Google Maps.

The fact that there’s a desert-type landscape in the same province as massive mountains is just one of the many amazing things about this amazing park.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site Was Home To Some Massive Discoveries

Dinosaur Provincial Park is one of the most fascinating parks in all of Canada. This UNESCO World Heritage site is ultra significant because more complete dinosaur skeletons have been discovered here than anywhere else in the world.

Over 35 types of different dinosaur species have been found in the park, as well as fossils of turtles, fish, lizards, and flying reptiles. They’re all so fascinating, and such a direct connection to millions and millions of years ago.

How Old Are The Bones Within The Park?

dinosaur provincial park
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On top of it’s gorgeous scenery, this park contains some of the most important fossil discoveries ever made in the “Age of Reptiles”.

Over the decades, researchers and scientists have found around 35 different species of dinosaur. Some of them date back as far as 75 million years.

What Is There To Do At The Park?

Outdoor Fossil Viewing/ Tours

dinosaur provincial park
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One of the best ways to view this incredible park and all its wonders is through an “Interpretive Tour Program”, hosted by Alberta Parks. There’s a variety of programs for all ages, most of them being outdoors.

You can choose between an easy or a strenuous experience. You’ve also got options when it comes to timeframe; you can book an hour-long tour, or choose to explore this remarkable park over a few days.

The guided hikes allow for an up-close experience, and also allow you into areas that you cannot go if you’re not a part of the guided tour.

Dinosaur Provincial Park Hiking

dinosaur provincial park
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There are a couple of guided hikes you can sign up for; choose between the Great Badlands hike and the Centrosaurus Quarry hike. Both of them are delightful in their own right.

There are many different trails and paths you can follow on your own as well. You can explore the 1.3 km Badlands Trail, the 1.4 km Cottonwood Flats Trail, the 0.9 km Coulee Viewpoint, or the 0.9 km Trail of the Fossil Hunters.

Paddle Red Deer River

dinosaur provincial park
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Located just off Highway 876, on the west edge of the park, is the Red Deer River. If you paddle the river in the spring or summer, it’s about 13 km from Steveville directly to the park. You can expect the paddle to take 2.5 to four hours to paddle, depending on the water level and the time of year.

Dinosaur Provincial Park Camping

dinosaur provincial park
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The park is a mecca for camping, as many of the tent and R.V. sites back onto the river and a creek. Shaded by cotton wood trees, there are some really special places to pitch your tent and be one with archaeological history. 

What Makes Winter Such A Special Time To Visit The Park?

dinosaur provincial park
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The winter is an especially beautiful time to visit the park. The snow blankets the ground in such a smooth and artistic way. You can’t help but imagine the dinosaurs roaming in the snow millions of years ago.

Guided tours remain open in the winter, so you can enjoy the fascinating experience of the history of this park, even in your boots and toque.

Know Before You Go

dinosaur provincial park
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Keep in mind if you’re headed to this National Treasure that a hiking backpack is great for the kids. You’re going to love exploring the area, as well as the museum at the visitor centre.

The visitor Centre is home to a large museum, which one would only expect on such significant archaeological lands. Here, you’ll find real bones, interactive dino-displays, and a large variety of cool facts about this incredible park.

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