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Diplo and Skrillex Discuss Collaboration with Arcade Fire

Last week Diplo and Skirllex sat down for an in depth conversation on the Charlie Rose to talk about their individual projects, as well as their collaborative project as Jack Ü. Though the thirty minute conversation mainly focuses on EDM’s relationship to drug use and it’s crossover into mainstream culture, (as ArcadeFireTube points out), the two discuss their recent collaboration with Arcade Fire in a trip to Montreal not long ago.

Last time they were in town, Diplo and Skrillex called up Win Butler and got together at his Sonovox Studio, resulting in a 45 minute jam session. Each of them got on an instrument and recorded “an album” worth of material, that Diplo later cut down to 20 minutes. The two plan on going back and hopefully recording more with Win and and the band in the near future.

We can only hope those tracks leak in the meantime.

Check out the EDM musicians’ discuss the collaboration, and the entire Charlie Rose conversation below that.

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