Director Tim Pope teases new documentary celebrating 40th anniversary of The Cure

We finally get a glimpse of the highly-anticipated flick

Director Tim Pope has teased that he’s working on a forthcoming film that marks the 40th anniversary of The Cure.

Last year, the English rock band celebrated four decades since the release of their debut track “Killing An Arab” with a Hyde Park show, and now, 2019 will mark the 40th anniversary of their debut record, Three Imaginary Boys.

After announcing plans for the documentary in 2017, Pope has teased a grainy photo of the forthcoming film on Twitter, which appears to show frontman Robert Smith’s silhouette as it reflects through the window of a movie theatre’s projection booth. Check out the image below.

Very few details of the film have emerged, and we have yet to receive a release date, but Pope has previously explained that the film will primarily be fronted by Smith.