Directors, actors push back as Netflix tests feature that allows viewers to watch things at twice the speed

Brad Bird, Judd Apatow, Aaron Paul among Hollywood artists pushing back

Directors and actors are speaking out in response to Netflix, as they are testing a feature that would allow some Android phone users to change the playback speed of what they’re watching.

Directors like Judd Apatow, Brad Bird, and Peyton Reed, and breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul have urged Netflix not to move forward with the tool. “Whelp – another spectacularly bad idea, and another cut to the already bleeding-out cinema experience,” Bird tweeted. “Why support and finance filmmakers visions on one hand and then work to destroy the presentation of those films on the other?”

According to a Netflix spokesperson, who reached out to The Verge, Netflix doesn’t have any current plans to roll this our to larger screens in the future, but they are always trying to find new ways to improve a viewers experiences. Additionally, the spokesperson said that this isn’t any different than what DVD players have had the capacity of doing for years, and users would have to opt in to the option to play things at various speeds.

Check out some responses to the test below.