Disclosure Confirm Collaboration with Lorde and Sam Smith on Next Album

The Laurence Brothers are busy boys

There has been a bit of uncertainty floating around the possibility of Lorde working with Disclosure. This came after she tweeted a picture of herself grabbing milkshakes and ‘making songs’ with the band.

In an interview with Rolling Stone this week, Guy and Howard Laurence confirmed that Lorde will in fact be a part of their sophomore album Caracal. Apparently the collaboration came really naturally, after Lorde “turned up on her own, no management or bodyguard”, said Howard.

The undisclosed track was co-written by the Lorde and the Laurence brothers, they explained: “That’s the most equal collaboration on the record. You can really hear her sound — she has this sassy yet vulnerable thing.”

They also confirmed that Sam Smith will be reprising his role on the new record, after the triple platinum hit “Latch” made the band a breakthrough success. “We had three whole days to hang out with Sam and write, which are two of my favorite things to do”, said Guy about his time U.K. crooner.

Check out the latest track from the electronic duo, titled “Holding On” above.