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8 Riverfest Elora Artists You Need To Discover

Each year since 2008, Riverfest Elora has brought together a fantastic collection of music, art, and food. What better way to experience the August weekend than listening to all sorts of new music? Celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary this summer by checking out these emerging bands.

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Leeroy Stagger

When: Sunday, August 19 @ Main Stage

Originally from British Columbia, Leeroy Stagger is easily a must-see. He’s just released his eleventh studio album and his music stretches across genres like alternative-country, roots, folk, and rock. His latest album, Love Versus, is no different. The third track pays tribute to Bruce Springsteen, while the closing song is all about Stagger being highly influenced by Joey Ramone. Needless to say, the album was met with highly positive reviews.


Eamon McGrath

When: Friday, August 17th @ Shepherd’s Pub After Party

This Toronto rocker combines punk and folk elements in his music. On his own, most of his live performances are acoustic-based with a noticeable folk sound. But when a backing band is involved, the songs take on a high-energy, punk influence. He is also a member of Julie & the Wrong Guys (and an ex-member of July Talk). Both bands can also been seen at this year’s Riverfest.

Land of Talk

When: Sunday, August 19th @ Dine Alone Records’ Wax On Wheels Stage

Land of Talk released their most recent album, Life After Youth, in 2017 after a six-year break. The album was met with positive reviews from Pitchfork, admiring its unpredictability by saying: “As soon as you think you know where a song is going, it turns and drops you into fresh emotional territory; the fragments part and leave you on a plaintive, gutting line.” In May, the band played for a huge crowd in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and their set at Riverfest is expected to also have a big turnout.



When: Sunday, August 19th @ The Koop

This experimental-pop group originally comes from Hamilton. Their debut EP was released earlier this spring, was made in part with Michael Keire (Arkells, The Dirty Nil, Wildlife). Currently, the band is touring across the country, supporting other huge Canadian acts like Our Lady Peace and Arkells. This band is just getting started, but they’ll definitely be a band to keep your eyes on this year.

New Swears

When: Friday, August 17th @ Dine Alone Records’ Wax On Wheels Stage

This band formed back in 2012 in Ottawa. Their first full-length album was released in 2013 in true punk-rock fashion, on cassette. They always put out fun music, full of songs about drinking and smoking with friends. Is there really a better way to start the festival? If you see this band at Riverfest, soon you’ll be wanting to start a garage-punk band, too.

Future Peers

When: Friday, August 17th @ Elora Legion Branch 229 After Party

Past Riverfest emcee Raina Douris has described Future Peers as “your apocalypse potluck jam.” This band formed between a cold Toronto garage and a downtown Los Angeles warehouse. Their unique, futuristic, avant-pop sound is definitely one you’ll remember for a long time. Even their videos look like something from the distant future — if the future took place during an outdoor acid trip, that is.

Julie & The Wrong Guys

When: Friday, August 17th @ Dine Alone Records’ Wax On Wheels Stage

Former Eric’s Trip bass guitarist and co-vocalist Julie Doiron is no stranger to Canadian indie rock royalty, but she just released her debut album under the Julie & The Wrong Guys banner through Dine Alone Records in September. Since then, they’ve have been touring all around Canada.


When: Saturday, August 18th @ Elora Brewing Company, After Party

Shoeclack Radio once described Caveboy as “mixing ‘80s-indebted new wave tunes with a sprinkle of dance-punk.” And there really couldn’t be a more accurate description of the Montreal-based band. They offer a fresh perspective on alternative dream-pop unlike any other. With layering vocals weaving between synth and percussion, their set at Riverfest won’t be one you’ll want to miss.

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