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Diving Dean’s Blue Hole In The Bahamas Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Dean’s Blue Hole Is The One Of The Deepest Diving Sinkholes On The Planet

If you’re afraid of deep water, consider this article about Dean’s Blue Hole a trigger warning. But if you’re intrigued by deep water and all the mysteries that lie beneath, this article could open your perspective and expand your mind.

There’s a thing called a “blue hole”, which is basically a term assigned to any deep, water-filled vertical cave or sinkhole.

What’s special about Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas is that it’s one of the deepest in the entire world. And in this geological formation and deep underwater cave is a meeting place. It’s where the wonder and beauty of nature intersects with the tenacity and explorative nature of humans.

What Is A Blue Hole & How Are They Formed?

dean's blue hole
Image: @paula.up on Instagram

A blue hole is a vertical cave. Further, it’s a term assigned to a sinkhole which is filled with water, regardless of how it was formed. One of the defining factors in a blue hole is the breathtaking deep blue colour of the water.

The colour of Dean’s Blue Hole is created by the combination of high transparency water and bright white sand. Blue light is the most significant part of the colour spectrum. Other colours – red, yellow, and green – are absorbed during their path through the water.

Blue light, however, manages to reach the white sand at the bottom, and return back after the light refraction.

Blue holes were formed in times when the sea level was lower than it is now. Sometimes these holes were formed by deeper groundwater. This water gradually dissolved the limestone until the ceiling of the void would collapse. Because of this, when the sea level raised, these vertical holes would then fill with still, calm water.

Dean’s Blue Hole most likely formed in a way similar to this, around 15,000 years ago.

Visiting Dean’s Blue Hole

deans blue hole
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The full depth of Dean’s Blue Hole was first reached by Jim King in 1992. Since then, it’s become a spot of world-class free-diving. There’s is now, in fact, a well established free diving school called “Vertical Blue” which operates from November to May. They also organize a yearly world competition in April.

Dean’s Blue Hole is perfect for sports and diving as it’s also located right next to a white sand bank. The calm water also loans itself to its accessibility.

How To Get There

deans blue hole
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If you’d like to visit this white sandy wonder in The Bahamas, you’ll want to plan your trip to Long Island. It’s a relatively simple trip. The blue hole is located in the southern part of the island. Many tour guides and local hotels will be equipped to help you get there.

Is It Safe To Dive Dean’s Blue Hole?

dean's blue hole
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As long as you have the courage to plunge into a 663 foot hole in the ocean, you should be good to go. Diving itself has inherent risks. As long as you have the experience and the tenacity, then yes, diving Dean’s Blue Hole is safe.

You can also try your hand (fin?) at free diving through the school that’s established there. Make sure you’re prepared, ready to have fun, and above all ready to challenge yourself and your lungs!

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dean's blue hole
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