Listen: Dizzy Share Stirring New Song ‘Backstroke’

New album 'Baby Teeth' coming August 17th

There’s no doubt, Oshawa’s Dizzy is on a steady pace for a global takeover.

The dream-pop group has been releasing hit after hit of (dare I say) dizzying tracks; lush blends of soulful vocals from singer Katie Munshaw and blissed-out melodies. Dizzy has already shared a collection of great tracks from their upcoming album Baby Teeth including “Joshua”, “Pretty Thing” and “Swim”. Today they’ve released another song, the emotive and entrancing “Backstroke”.

In a press release, Munshaw wrote: “It’s easy to submerge yourself so deeply into a relationship that by the end of it you’re gasping for air, wondering how you got there in the first place. Sometimes all you can do is flip onto your back, catch your breath and float for a bit.”

Listen to “Backstroke” below:

Baby Teeth is slated for release August 17th.

Image by Ryan Parker