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Djungelskog Is The Ikea Teddy Bear That Broke The Internet

Meet Djungelskog, The Giant Ikea Teddy Bear

Every so often, a company takes a classic invention and re-invents it just perfectly. This is exactly what Ikea has done with their cuddly, oversized bear… also known as Djungelskog.

Ikea describes him as having “A giant stomach where you can feel safe resting – in other words, a real softy.”.

The bear is soft, cuddly, and huge. And people all over the world are lining up for the Djungelskog bear that broke the internet.

So Why Are People Losing Their Minds Over The Bear?

Not only does Djungelskog look like the most cuddly bear in the world, but there’s also another key feature.

The way his head hangs when he’s just sitting there… it kind of flops to the side and makes him look hungover. Or super chill. Or maybe like he just smoked a spliff. However you choose to interpret his nonchalant posture, it’s created a rage on the internet that’s not stopping anytime soon.

This photo, for example, is Djungelskog after a hard night, falling asleep over coffee at the kitchen table.

image: @manju_bro3 on Instagram

And this fellow below is the work of a crafty beer company. Look closely and you’ll see they also have a flopped-over bear on their beercan. How “on brand”!

Image: @ddhneipa on Instagram

This fluffy girl below is in love with her Djungelskog. So much so, in fact, that the bear is named Karhu and Ronja (the dog) just can’t get enough.

Image: @ronjathecocker on Instagram

This beat up guy below just ‘can’t even’ anymore. He’s done with life, and he’s definitely done with quarantine. If you want to find him, he’ll be right here on the couch until further notice.

Image: @clraie on Instagram

The other cool thing about the Ikea bear is that people love him so much they make art about him. This is the sign of a true internet sensation – when people are so into the thing, they recreate the thing in their own iterations. For example, this lovely painting below.

Image: @Ikea on Instagram

What Does Djungelskog Translate to?

When you Google the translation of Djungelskog, the response is this:

A furry brown benefactor senT from the heavens to remind us of our fallen state. A glorious spiritual champion with a message of hope in a hopeless time. Cuddly like no other. This is what people are saying about the Djungelskog.

The actual translation of the word is “jungle forest”. However, please note that this is not the name of the bear, but actually the name for the line of Ikea stuff animals.

If you get yourself a Djungleskog, you can name him whatever you want. In fact, who’s to say it’s even a “him” anyway?

Can You Still Snag An Ikea Bear?

As of right now, it looks like you can still snag an Ikea bear. If you search it online, you’ll get mixed reviews about whether they’re available in different countries. However, follow this link and it will take you to the page where you can add Djungelskog to your bag.

From there, you’ll be able to see if this furry brown bear ‘sent from the heavens’ will soon be yours to cuddle.

Image: @ecoulthamdesigns on Instagram
Photo: @Ikea on Instagram
Image: @Ikea on Instagram

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