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Do Women Have the Upper Hand in Open Relationships?

The good people over at Huffington Post decided to dive into a discussion about open relationships after a reader named Alejandro wrote in.

The problem Alejandro brought up was the fact that his open relationship benefits his girlfriend much more than it himself, saying:

“For instance: I am out and about by myself, a cute girl sends me the signals, we hit it off, start making out and get to that moment where the invitation to go back to my place happens but before that I need to tell her that I am in a happy open relationship and she should simply know about it. At that point most girls will run the other way, or ask questions about my girlfriend to really know that it is OK, and that I am not trying to cheat, and ultimately not do it.”

HuffPost Love+Sex Podcast hosts Noah Michelson and Carina Kolodny were interested by his dilemma so they tackled the topic on their latest podcast. Listen below:

How do you feel about open relationships? Sound off in the comments.

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