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Do You Know Toronto’s Masked Bride?

Everyone loves a good mystery, especially when you have the chance to be the first in a city of 2.6 million to solve it.

A mysterious masked bride has captured the hearts and intrigue of Toronto ever since a photo was posted on the WEIRD TORONTO Facebook group. The bride has been spotted around the city writing notes to “Whom It May Concern” which she then discards onto the ground at her feet.

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The people of Toronto are begging to know who she is and why she is doing this. There are different theories circulating suggesting that it could be a marketing ploy, performance art, or part of the Fringe Festival.

The Toronto Star has detailed reports of what the masked-bride is writing in the letters she leaves behind, claiming that she is telling a story of a broken and abusive relationship. Read excerpts here.

Is this part of some viral ploy? Sounds like a job for Scooby Doo. Time to start sleuthing.

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