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Do You Want to be a Part of Brent’s New Dating Segment “Suss’EM Out” ?

Hi internet, it’s your boi Brent! I have an idea for a new segment but I need your help! It’s called “Suss’EM Out”, if you have ever used dating apps before you know one of the worst feelings in the world is meeting up with someone for a date and finding out they are the WORST, total waste of time! I don’t want that to happen to you, so I’d like to call your potential date before hand and suss out if they are worth meeting up with or not.

You’d give me their number, we’d come up with questions based on you and after talking to them I’ll let you know if they seem worth your time or not. If interested, DM me on twitter @radio_brent or on instagram @radiobrent.



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