Doctors Say Rectal Marijuana is Most Effective Way to Get High

This method is apparently safest and provides a purer high

Since medicinal marijuana has become legalized in Canada, many doctors have been speaking up about the medical use of the drug.

Medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Mikhail Kogan, has said that there is no reason for marijuana to be smoked, and addictions specialist at the University of British Columbia, Paul Farnan, has spoken out about cannabis being a “dangerous thing for your lungs.” Both of these medical professionals spoke to Huffington Post about their issue with smoking marijuana.

Apparently, smoking weed is also quite an ineffective way to get the most out of the drug because it’s inefficient for the body to absorb much of the drug from the lungs. Eating weed also deters you from gaining its benefits, due to gastric acids impeding on the effects.

In fact, doctors have pointed out that along with taking weed in pill form under the tongue, one of the best and safest way to reap the benefits of weed is by taking it via rectal insertion.


Rectal marijuana is safest for the body and doesn’t expose your lungs to the chemicals that come with smoking something. It is also an efficient way to absorb all that weed has to offer.

Debra Lynkowski, head of the Canadian Lung Association, points out that regardless of what you are smoking, when you burn something, carcinogenic chemicals are automatically released.

“When you burn something, that combustion releases toxins and carcinogens, and they’re released regardless of what the source is,” she said.

This might be the key to convincing your weed-hating doctor to give you a green card.

Image courtesy of Dank Depot via Flickr.