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Does dabbing grease from your pizza actually make a difference?

Plenty of reports have been popping up lately claiming that dabbing all the grease off every slice of pizza you put in your mouth may be saving your health. Seemingly, these facts are outlined in an infographic from Labdoor, below.


Basically speaking, if you dab all the grease off all the pizza you eat for an entire year, you’ll theoretically save yourself about 2lbs. This all depends on what else you eat of course — and if you can remember to blot the grease off that pizza you get from Big Slice when you’re smashed at 3 a.m. on a messy Saturday (doubtful).

But where did all this dabbing hysteria come from? According to Buzzfeed Health, the study that originally made all these blotting claims was done 15 years ago by the Georgia-Pacific Health Smart Institute, which is an initiative of Georgia-Pacific. Why does this matter? Well, Georgia-Pacific is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper products, such as paper towel. The very same paper towel you might use to dab your pizza with. *Gasp!*

In addition, Georgia-Pacific has told Buzzfeed that they no longer have access to the 15-year-old study and therefore, the greasy “facts” can’t be verified in any way.

So yes, we may all have been duped by a very clever marketing campaign for paper towels. But marketing campaigns be damned — if you want to dab your pizza, you dab that pizza. Dab it good. Logically speaking, ingesting less grease probably can’t hurt you. Just don’t expect it to make any noticeable difference in your waistline.

Header image courtesy of Daniel Go via Flickr

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