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Dog-Friendly Bars, Restaurants and Breweries in Toronto

Walking your pup on a hot, sunny day in Toronto can leave you both a little parched, but you don’t always have the time or inclination to bring your best friend home before grabbing a drink or a snack. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to? Do any Toronto watering holes allow you to bring your pooch? Technically, establishments that serve food and beverages are not allowed to invite animals inside, but some are more dog-friendly than others, offering shaded puppy parking with water and even treats.

Check out these Toronto bars, restaurants and breweries where you and your pup can hang out comfortably:


Blood Brothers Brewing – 165 Geary Avenue

Blood Brothers Brewing is a brewery and tap room established in Toronto in 2015. The premises is very dog friendly, with locals stopping by with their pups for a beer on the picnic tables or purchasing bottles to go.


The Black Bull Tavern – 298 Queen Street West

The Black Bull Tavern on the busy corner of Queen Street West and Soho doesn’t allow dogs on their patio, however, they welcome customers to hitch Fido to the fence on the outside of the gate. This way you can still keep an eye on your pooch as you enjoy a few brews and pub fare.

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Local Public Eatery – 100-171 East Liberty Street

The Local has a great covered patio with a designated pooch parking zone where your furry pal can hang out in the shade and lap up some refreshments of the H20 variety. They can also watch you embarrass yourself on the patio’s sweet bocce ball court.


Mildred’s Temple Kitchen – 85 Hanna Avenue

Mildred’s is an insanely popular weekend brunch spot (also open during the week) in Liberty Village with a small but pretty patio, tucked away in the courtyard behind the LCBO. They offer dog treats and water bowls upon request, so you know they’re no stranger to romancing local dog owners (smart move, considering there are about 2000 dogs in Liberty Village).


Left Field Brewery – 36 Wagstaff Drive

Left Field Brewery is another spot with a bottle shop and tap room where pups are welcome. They even have a mascot… an adorable basset hound named Wrigley, who holds the prestigious title of Head of Security and Customer Relations.

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Hair of The Dog – 425 Church Street

It’s not just a clever name – Hair of the Dog loves dogs! While they don’t allow them to hang out on the patio, they do have a shaded area just outside the patio for pups. They also donate a portion of proceeds from their house lager to the Toronto Humane Society.

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Sassafraz – 100 Cumberland Street

Fancy Yorkville pups will love the Sassafraz patio. It wraps around the restaurant and is quite narrow so even if your pup sits outside the fence, it’s like they’re right beside you!

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Barque Smokehouse – 299 Roncesvalles Avenue

This Roncy BBQ joint has several options for enjoying their mouthwatering meats with your doggie in tow. There’s a picnic table out front where you two can hang; you can hitch your pup to the patio fence; or, when the weather’s warm and they open the front of the restaurant, you can dine with your pup on the sidewalk beside you.

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Caplansky’s Deli – 356 College Street

Caplansky’s Deli has a large dog-friendly patio so your pup can sit there drooling as you dine on the “best smoked meat in town”, you cruel, cruel human.

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Did we miss any? Share your favourite dog-friendly spots in the comments!

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