Dog Pants Are A Real Life Thing

Welcome to 2016

Last month the Internet briefly became obsessed with the idea of what pants would look like on a dog. Would their pants cover their hind two legs up to their waist as if they are standing? Or would they cover all four paws? Tough questions, I know.

This simple question was followed with what Jared Keller calls an Internet “war zone”. Keller decided that a Twitter poll could answer this life-changing question. The majority of respondents agree that the dog on the right knows what’s up.

However, over on Reddit one popular answer makes a strong rebuttal:

“Well pants are a human invention so if they were to wear them like humans it would be like the ones on the right. However, if dogs invented dog pants it would be like the ones on the left, leaving the asshole freely available for greetings and ice-breakers.”

Thankfully, Canadian company Muddy Mutt has left this argument in 2015 and keeps marching on in its four-legged doggy pants. The company has been making doggy pants since 2012 that cover all four legs with suspenders that secure the pants on.


The waterproof pants are great for both owner and dog as they reduce cleanup after muddy, messy walks and keep your dog squeaky clean. The pants cost $69.99 and come in six sizes, but only offer pants with four legs- sorry Internet.







Written by Sarah Pinto


Photos courtesy via Mental Floss