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8 Amazing Dog Parks In Toronto That Are A Blast (Some Are Leash Free)

Toronto Loves Puppers

No matter which way you look at it, Toronto loves dogs. In fact, Toronto loves dogs so much that they’re now invited to brunch with us, beers with us, and even hotels with us. Last year, Toronto was crowned the most pet-friendly city in Canada. All of that to say, it makes sense that the best dog parks in Toronto are going to be pretty great.

If you’re a dog-lover like so many Torontonians, you’re going to love this post. The best dog parks Toronto has to offer are just waiting for you and your pooch!

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Happy & Safe In The City

Dogs in Toronto are notoriously pampered. With over 300K dogs registered in the city, they represent a wholesome chunk of the population! In order to keep your dog safe and healthy in such a dog-friendly city, here are some tips for you and your pooch.

  • Register your dog. All dogs in Toronto must be licensed and actually wear the tag as well. The license if valid for a year and needs to be renewed annually. You can go here to get one online.
  • Clean up after your dog. It goes without saying that you need to clean up after your pooch when they poop. This keeps things safe for other dogs, as well as humans. Plus, it ensures that everyone can keep bringing their dogs places. Please don’t mess with that!
  • Three’s company. You’re only allowed to own three dogs in Toronto. If you’re a commercial pet walker (with a license) you’re allowed to walk more than three dogs. Other than that, three’s the limit.
  • Leash up. For the safety of your dog, as well as other dogs, ensure that your dog is always on a leash unless in an off-leash area. Further, the leash can only be a maximum of two metres long. Oh, and don’t leave your pet tied to a pole or a bike stand, that’s illegal.

The 6 Best Dog Parks In Toronto For Your Best Friend

Best Dog Parks In Toronto

1) Clarence Square Dog Park 

best dog parks in toronto
Image: @urbanpawsto on Instagram

Located just two blocks from the Hyatt Regency, this dog park is fully fenced with several double-gate entrances. You’ve got two water dispensers to make sure your pooch stays hydrated when it’s hot out. There’s also pea gravel, with no grass.

And don’t worry, there are some shade trees for you to stand under and throw the ball, with several benches to sit on as well.

2) Trinity Bellwoods Park

best dog parks in toronto
Image: @trinitybellwoodspark on Instagram

Trinity Bellwoods has an off-leash park with a large grassy space. Keep in mind please that the park is not fully fenced, so you may want to reconsider taking your dog off-leash if they tend to run away.

There are restrooms here, as well as water fountains, which pretty much takes care of all your needs when you’re at a dog park!

3) Berczy Park

best dog parks in toronto
Image: @queenjayde on Instagram

This small but beautiful park has a gorgeous fountain, and is located close to the Flat Iron building. There are lots of benches, some green space, and plenty of people to enjoy and chat with.

This is a popular spot for dog walkers, and lots of people of all ages bring their dogs here to enjoy the outdoors at one of the best dog parks in Toronto.

Best OFF-Leash Dog Parks In Toronto

1) Cherry Beach Off Dog Leash Park

best dog parks in toronto
Image: @airbnbeast_ on Instagram

This is an excellent dog beach for off-leash fun and games. During the week, this beach is packed with dog walkers and people enjoying their four-legged friends.

Then, on evenings and weekends, more locals and less dog walkers are there to enjoy their pups. There’s a large shaded trail to enjoy and do some light hiking if you wish.

Just make sure you park correctly, as parking tickets tend to be an issue at Cherry Beach. Regardless, however… it’s still one of the best dog parks in Toronto.

2) Coronation Park Off-Leash Dog Park

best dog parks in toronto
Image: @west.side.dog on Instagram

This lovable park is open 24 hours, so if you work non-traditional hours you can still bring your dog here to enjoy, regardless of what time it is. The park is not immediately visible from the lakeshore, so a lot of people are unaware of it.

The majority of people who go here are locals, and if you go regularly, you’ll definitely get to meet some other dog owners, and potentially new friends! The double-gated area is great if your dog tends to take off on you.

This is one of the best dog parks in Toronto, partly because it’s really well-maintained.

3) High Park Dog Off-Leash Park

best dog parks in toronto
Image: @highparkdogs on Instagram

The dog park at High Park is fenced in. However, some of the trails surrounding the park are off-leash and partially unfenced. This is a fabulous park to bring your dog for a light jog, or the walking trails.

Try to avoid peak hours, since it gets really busy. However, most of the people are super friendly, so everyone works together for the most park.

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