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Goodest Doggo Reunited With Parents After GO Train Adventure

Just when you thought you couldn’t love dogs any more, they find a way to surprise you.

A Toronto dog has been reunited with his parents after he took an unexpected journey on a Go Train.

Marley (aka Marbles), a six-year-old Border Collie-Shepherd decided his recent walk wasn’t enough when he escaped and went on a little adventure. Marley escaped his house and waled to the nearby Rouge Hill GO station where he decided on his own to hop on the westbound lakeshore train to Union.

According to Global News, the family, Marley had been familiar with the Go Train Station. His mom Dorte Petersen has been using it all summer.

Shortly after the train’s departure, Marley’s parents were notified by the Go Train Operator. “So the good news is we have your dog, but the bad news is he is headed to Union Station with us,” wrote Kia Anderson, Marley’s family member said in a post on Facebook.

After plenty of pats and treats, Marley made it to Union Station for his little adventure, and was reunited with his not-so-long lost family soon after.

Apparently, this isn’t the dog’s first solo adventure. In a previous adventure, Marley took a trip to Shopper Drug Mart to looking for family, and a bank a separate time before that. Where Marley ends up next, no one knows!

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