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Dogs Actually Can Understand What You’re Saying to Them

Your pooch might be smarter than you thought. Hungarian researches at the University of Budapest recently began running experiments with dogs to find out if they can in fact understand what us humans are blabbering about to them. Check out the findings in the video above.

They trained the canines to sit inside MRI machines and scanned their brain activity while saying: random words in positive inflections, positive words in a positive manner, and positive words with no inflection. Positive words spoken in a positive tone saw strong activity in a dog’s brain reward center.

They found that canines responded to speech the same way as humans do, they use their left hemisphere to pick up the meaning of the words regardless of the inflection and intonation, and the right half is what reacts to inflection. So dogs actually respond to the meaning of a word, and to how the word is said.

The jig is up, they’re onto us.

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