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Dominos Testing Drone Delivered Pizza

Holy flying pizzas Batman! Dominos has begun testing delivering pizzas using drones in New Zealand.

Partnered with drone business Flirtey, Dominos hopes to begin the first ever fast-food delivery service using drones later this year. Drones would allow for faster delivery, and a cheaper way to get more deliveries out.

Dominos CEO Don Meij, explained that the company has been looking into innovative new delivery options as their business continues to grow. Other ideas include pizza delivery by robots, which is also being developed at this time.

When drone delivery lands in the New Zealand consumer market, there will be limitations as the weight of the delivery and distance of the customer. Only a select number of products will be available for drone delivery.

Dominos Australia has began putting to work their self-driving delivery robots. “DRU” as they are being called, hold pizzas, drinks and sides, travelling about the speed of an electric wheelchair on the sidewalk. Watch it in action below.

While there’s no word whether these contraptions are making their way to North America, with self-driving cars already on some Canadian roads, it’s fair to say we’re not far off.

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