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Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Had the Time of Their Lives at Sunday Debate

It’s safe to say Donald Trump didn’t exactly have the time of his life this weekend.

After vulgar footage surfaced of the candidate, who was newly married to Melania Trump at the time, boasting of trying to sleep with “Entertainment Tonight” cohost Nancy O’Dell, Trump had grace the stage and take a whack at his second Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton.

The American Presidential election has generated a plethora of memes, impersonations and parodies, and after Sunday night’s debate, the web had no shortage of material to work with. With personal attacks on everything from Clinton’s husband’s sex life to Wall Street, it’s a miracle there was even room for a musical number.

With the power of video editing and the romantic soundtrack of Dirty Dancing, this may be the only time we will see the two candidates act remotely civil. In this hilarious parody, the rivals sing the iconic duet “(I Had) The Time Of My Life” song, made famous by Dirty Dancing. The perfect introduction to a very eventful evening.

Check out the hilarious video below or above.

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