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Donald Trump-Inspired ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode Delayed Again After Election Results

In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.

But, when the same man who inspired an episode regarding numerous sexual assault allegations against a politician making a run for the White House actually becomes President, the contingency hits a little too close to home.


Law and Order: SVU rarely shies away from any topic, especially the current issues that are consuming the media — it’s part of their appeal. In the past couple years the 18-year-running NBC series had episodes resembling the Casey Anthony trial, the killing of Trayvon Martin, the anti-vaccination movement, and the Slender Man stabbing case, just to name a few.

Certain cases have even alluded to real-life individuals, like Bill Cosby, Terry Richardson, Brock Turner and the Duggar family; while also supporting movements like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+, with several episodes dedicated to those causes.

“Unstoppable,” was the title of an upcoming episode inspired by Donald Trump, which centers around a narcissistic prick man running a political campaign that becomes threatened when a woman accuses him of rape. The episode was originally set to air October 12, but was pushed to October 26, only to be rescheduled once more for week after the election, in light of the infamous Access Hollywood tape that we’ve all grown familiar with.


Well, the episode has been pushed back once again from it’s November 16 air date, and is now yet to be rescheduled. Network sources told Deadline that it may air in early January, but the timing may be too close to the inauguration. Though the episode may seem a little too real, NBC still plans on airing the episode.

One person who definitely didn’t agree with the Tuesday election was none other than SVU’s ICE-T AKA Detective Finn Tutuola, who put out a series of Tweets following the historical outcome.

The Rapper turned Actor also shared a few photos from set, giving a shout out to the female crew, captioning a photo: “Respect to the women of the Camera Dept.”

We’re with you Ice-T! How about we elect the squad to take over office? Olivia Benson would make a great first female president.


Will you tune in when/if the episode finally airs? Let us know in the comments! And watch the trailer for the controversial episode below.

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