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‘Donnie Darko’ Soundtrack Is Being Reissued On Vinyl

Back in 2001, Donnie Darko amazed and confused, the minds of viewers everywhere due to it’s psychological themes and ultimate ambiguity. For a film that never even made it to theatres, it is still being celebrated 15 years after it’s original release.

Fans of the cult classic will be happy to know that the official soundtrack for the psychological horror-drama is being reissued on vinyl.

The film starred Jake Gyllenhaal and was directed by Richard Kelly and celebrated its fifteenth year landmark back in January.

Compiled by composer Michael Andrews, the original soundtrack consisted of 16 instrumental tracks and two covers of “Mad World” by Tears for Fears. The reissue will be released on Friday October 14th, but is limited to just 300 copies, and pre-orders already sold out.

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