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Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Athletes Making Music

What time is it? It’s sports o’clock! Sports in Toronto are almost considered religion to many people and while we love to hate on our underachieving teams sometimes we get glimpses of hope. Whether it’s the dismal performance of the Leafs or the promise of the start of another Jays season, Toronto loves talking sports.

Here are some examples of when music and sports collide, for better or worse.

Classic: Blue Jays Song

This is OG Toronto sports music. While the verses are just straight-up weird, the chorus is legendary and can still be heard being chanted from the cheap seats.


Actually decent: What’s Up Doc? – Fu Schnickens ft. Shaq

While Shaq’s solo music career is laughable this track is actually pretty awesome. I still remember this coming out and having high hopes for Shaq. The track perfectly captures the spirit of golden era hip hop and garnishes it with Shaq.


Ummmmm….. Superbowl Shuffle – The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears were so big in the 80s that not only did they have their own music video but they also inspired a Saturday morning cartoon and GI Joe figure based around Refrigerator Perry. Why is this 7 minutes long?


So Bad it’s Amazing: Marlins Will Soar – Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp (the lead grunter in the band Creed) must have been low on cash when he decided to do a one off song for the Florida Marlins. This is outsider art at its finest; confusing, endearing and straight-up weird as hell. I hear the opening lyrics like “Leht’s plé bowl iht’s gém dé!”.

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