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The Donut Wall Is The Latest Tasty Wedding Trend That’s Taking Over The Internet

Wedding Guests Everywhere Agree – Donut Walls Are Awesome

The donut wall is one of those things you wonder: why didn’t I think of this? Little pegs on an attractive piece of wood upon which you hang fancy donuts. It’s so perfect really.

Not only does the wedding donut wall allow all the intricately decorated donuts you’re guaranteed to pay so much money for to be on display (cuz you KNOW someone took a lot of care with them), but it also provides easy access. Relatively hygienic to suit modern times, all you need to do is pull one off the wall without touching any of the others.

The donut wall for weddings idea has taken off with wedding planners, brides and grooms all over the world… for good reason! They’re beautiful, creative, and they encourage people to treat and enjoy themselves at your wedding which is what everyone wants for their beloved guests!

Why Did Wedding Donut Walls Start Becoming Popular?

donut wall
Image: @Image: @coastline_events on Instagram

Tradition is being upended in pretty much every industry out there, and of course the (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime event of a wedding was bound to follow suit. From grey and black wedding dresses to mismatched bridesmaid dresses, conformity is going out the window in favour of creativity and expression.

Because of this, the traditional cutting of the wedding cake and then separating it onto plates and all the hassle that comes along with it… it’s becoming a thing of the past. Donuts are affordable (relatively), easy to serve, and also offer a variety of flavours so guests can make their own pick.

Plus, have you SEEN these walls? They’re so pretty, colourful, and enticing. Much more so than a tiered cake with a thing on the top of it.

How To Make Your Own DIY Donut Wall

donut wall
Image: @hitchedfashionstyling on Instagram

DIY donut walls for your wedding are actually pretty simple, which is a blessing considering how much work you probably have to do if you’re DIY-ing your way to “I do“.

There are lots of tutorials online, and even YouTube videos that will guide you through step-by-step. However, here’s a basic breakdown of the steps you can use to create your own wedding donut wall for your guests… and yourself who are we kidding?


  • Sheet of wood
  • Wooden pegs or dowels
  • A drill
  • Stuff to make a sign

You can get all the materials at any hardware store. From there, you’ll need to sand the wood so it’s smooth, whether or not you’re painting it. Drill holes in a grid, and insert your wooden pegs.

That’s pretty much it! If you like, you can make a pretty sign (you’ll see some examples below), and you can even paint the board the same colour as your bridesmaid dresses.

The 10 Best Donut Walls We’ve Seen To Get You Salivating

  1. Get it? A donut is a ring too

donut wall
Image: @lisa_schatzkarten on Instagram

2. Donut worry, be happy!

donut wall
Image: @lauras_diy_bastelei on Instagram

3. The transparent wall

donut wall
Image: @swttoothbuffets on Instagram

4. Treat yourself

5. Love IS sweet!

donut wall
Image: @newerafavors on Instagram

6. Donuts. (simple is best)

donut wall
Image: @coastline_events on Instagram

7. Donut mind if ‘I do’

donut wall
Image: @paradisebakeryhawaii on Instagram

8. All you need is love. And donuts.

donut wall
Image: @burchiesdonuts on Instagram

9. Colour palette of dreams

donut wall
Image: @cherished.sweets on Instagram.

10. It’s all unicorns

donut wall
Image: @swttoothbuffets on Instagram

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