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People keep finding their doppelgangers and it’s getting out of hand

If you’ve ever wondered whether you have a doppelganger out there, now is the time to start the search. Remember that running joke on How I Met Your Mother? That could be you, thanks to the wonder of the internet.

Pairs of eerily-similar looking total strangers are making the news more and more frequently now, with photos and stories circulating on social media. Take these two Bremen University students for example — the pair met by chance while studying abroad in Germany and realized that they’re basically the same person.

Cordelia Roberts, from the UK, and Ciara Murphy, from Ireland, aren’t related, but the likeness is uncanny.

Then, there was this pair of strangers who sat next to each other on a flight from London’s Stansted airport to Galway.

And it’s not just random normal people who look like each other either — celebrity lookalikes are popping up as well. Like this Swedish man who looks like Leonardo DiCaprio’s younger brother.

In the wake of the world’s excitement about the British royal family, being a doppelganger has even transformed into a viable job for the lucky folks who happen to look like members of the popular royal clan. British photographer Alison Jackson created a series of photographs that featured the royal lookalikes in everyday situations.  

And finally, thanks to Dubliner Niamh Geaney, you can actively search for your doppelganger online instead of having to wait to run into them by chance. TwinStrangers.net allows you to enter your own facial features and be matched with people who have entered similar features themselves. So go forth, Internet-savvy humans! Your doppelganger awaits you.  

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