Doug Ford’s public health service cuts to affect DineSafe

On top of overdose prevention, immunization monitoring, and infectious disease control

In addition to funding cuts to overdose prevention, immunization monitoring, and infectious disease control, Doug Ford’s cuts to public health services are also set to impact DineSafe.

DineSafe is Toronto Public Health’s food safety program, which inspects every location in the city that makes food. The results of each inspection are posted on Toronto’s official website, delivering data on all of the health inspections conducted over the last two years for restaurant-goers to view.

After Toronto Public Health was notified that the province would be cutting the city’s health services by 25 per cent over the next three years last month, it has been revealed that the cuts will impact restaurant inspections.

“Whether it is providing school immunization programs, protecting people from measles, influenza, the next SARS and other outbreaks, helping keep our water safe to drink, inspecting our restaurants, pools, and beaches, public health keeps our city and residents safe, healthy and strong,” a spokesperson from Toronto Public Health explained according to Daily Hive. “The provincial changes will have significant negative impacts on the health of Toronto residents and we were extremely disappointed to hear this news. We are engaging in discussions with the province and our city colleagues to best determine how to meet the public health needs of Torontonians.”
Lead photo courtesy of Bruce Reeve.