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Downsview Station To Be Renamed Next Month

With the opening of the TTC’s new Toronto-York Spadina subway extension later this year, a new station will be located one stop above Downsview Station called Downsview Park. In order to avoid confusion, Downsview Station will be renamed Sheppard West as of May 7.

According to the Star, the new station name will cost the TTC about $800,000 due to the changes in signage, announcement systems, and maps.

The TTC acknowledges that changing Downsview Station’s name to Sheppard West will not be an overnight transition, as it will probably take a few months for TTC riders to get used to the change. The transit company assured the Star that it will attempt to make the name adjustment as smooth as possible for its riders.

As more extensions are built, expect more name changes to follow in the next few years. For example, 2021 will see Eglinton West change to Cedarvale when the Eglinton Crosstown is built.

Feature photo courtesy of David Topping via Flickr.

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