Drake Might Build A Ridiculously Huge Mansion In Toronto

Views (from the Bridle Path)

No dream is too big when you’ve got Toronto on your side – and you’re Drake. The top-of-the-charts rapper has big plans for a mansion in Toronto’s gorgeous Bridle Path neighbourhood.

According to the Globe and Mail, Drake is looking at building his 21,000 square-foot dream property at 21 Park Lane Circle. The purchase of this property would make him neighbours with media baron Conrad Black and musician Gordon Lightfoot.

Drake’s got a lot of big ideas for the space. Some outrageous things on his list are:

– basketball court and gym
– indoor pool in the basement
– hot tub terrace on the roof in front of a large projection screen
– bar with chambers for chilled wine and champagne
– jersey museum‎‎
– library‎
– 34-metre-wide driveway‎



Drake’s big dreams could come at a big cost. He’ll be facing various zoning problems like wanting to build a 17 meter-high home when the limit is 11, hot tubs on the ceiling, you know, the usual.

The property is currently occupied by a home and under the ownership of a Nova Scotian company.

His publicists have not verified this information yet.