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Dream Jobs That Fly Under The Radar

Sure, there are the regular dream jobs that we all think about doing as a kid: astronaut, actor, fireman, doctor, athlete, musician, and so on. But, did you know about these other dream gigs that actually exist? You’re welcome.

Professional Sleeper


(Photo by Julie Galhaut via Flickr Under Creative Commons)

Maybe the cushiest gig on the list is the professional sleeper. Usually hired to test out beds, they also get a call from NASA once in a while to do some scientific studies. This is not to be confused with the Professional Snuggler fad.

Netflix Tagger

Want a job in TV? Here’s one. A Netflix Tagger watches Netflix, then enters key describing words into the system for each show. This makes it easier for the viewer to find the shows they want to watch. And Mom said watching TV wouldn’t pay off.

Waterslide Tester


(Licensed via Flickr Under Wikimedia Commons)

Sebastian Smith was the first waterslide tester. He was hired by First Choice holidays in 2013 to travel the world’s water parks and give reviews on slides and venues, like a secret shopper for water parks. How splashing is that?

Tea Tester


(Photo by euphbass via Flickr Under Creative Commons)

It’s tea time – and you’ll get paid for it. Sipping tea all day sounds delightful. Testers are expected to taste upwards of 200 cups of tea a day. And, yes, they do travel to test teas form new suppliers.

Fake Executive

Fake Exec

(Photo by abundanceradio via Flickr Under Creative Commons)

Want to travel to different countries and pretend to be making the big coin? The Fake Executive position is right for you. Chinese companies hire Westerners to pose as executives because it apparently makes the company appear internationally well-connected and credible in the business world. The first fake exec was a Canadian named Mitch Moxley, who was hired to pose as a quality-control expert.

Panda Caretaker


(Photo by Jay (Thanks for the 1.7 million views) via Flickr Under Creative Commons)

Do you want to spend a whole year with a panda? The gig pays $32,000 and comes with free meals, transit and accommodation.  The China Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in Ya’an, Sichuan province in China says that, “your work has only one mission: spending 365 days with pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows.” How cute.

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