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Dream Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Tired of handing out resumes to the same places over and over? Has your career started to feel dull and boring? Check out these amazing and bizarre jobs here if you’re looking to change things up.

Netflix Watcher

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

The official title is called “Netflix Tagger,” and the job involves watching around 16-20hrs of TV and movies per week. Taggers objectively watch and tag what they see as various genres like quirky or suspenseful. This then goes into the Netflix algorithm which recommends what you watch next. But be warned: this rare position is only awarded to 40 people worldwide.

Salary: Employees must sign a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits revealing the exact amount, but LA Times reports that taggers are paid “several hundred dollars per week.”

Professional Sleeper

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

This job is normally done as a part of a greater study. Often, companies will be looking to test mattresses, pillows, or the effectiveness of sleeping aids. That being said, this job is always fluctuating. You could find yourself as a part of a study that lasts days, weeks, or even months.

Salary: Pay is highly dependant on who your employer is. NASA paid people $18,000 to stay in bed for 70 days in 2013 as a part of a study, while an art gallery paid women $10 per hour to publicly sleep as part of an exhibit.

Panda Nanny

Photo by Chester Ho on Unsplash

As an Official Panda Caretaker, the job requires taking photos and making detailed notes on the animals’ behaviour, as well as “some basic knowledge of pandas.” China Daily reports the organizer said that as a caretaker, “Your work has only one mission: spending 365 days with the pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows.”

Salary: Around $32,000 (200,000 yuan) per year plus free meals, accommodations, and the use of a company car.

Tropical Island Caretaker

Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a long time secluded on an island, this might be the job for you. Usually this position is a part of a travel company looking to promote their vacation spot. The position of Island Caretaker requires creating online posts, keeping lots of photos, and travelling around the island.

Salary: Dependant on the employer, but Tourism Queensland pays $150,000 for six months (yes, that includes free-rent) on Hamilton Island.

Waterslide Tester

Photo by Sid Verma on Unsplash

Get paid to travel the country and test waterslides for fun and safety. Other things you would be taking note on are the adrenaline factor and how impressive the splash is. Needless to say, the job requires a willingness to travel and comfort in swimsuits.

Salary: Around $34,000 per six month contract, including travel expenses.


Professional Lounger

Photo by Douglas Sanchez on Unsplash

Officially called a Furniture Tester, this job mainly involves testing out the comfort of a chair or couch, making sure the product has no pressure points, writing up analysis, and testing the overall safety of the furniture. The majority of people in this field are in freelance and part-time positions, being self motivated is a must. You also must have knowledge of furniture and have a strong attention to detail.

Salary: Estimated $44,487 (£26,000) annually, depending on the company.


Ice Cream Taster

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Often called a tastemaker, food scientist, or flavourologist, this is a dreamjob for anyone who is a child at heart. A standard route to becoming a tester is a bachelors degree in dairy science or food sciences, but any background in food is key. Tastebuds must be kept in tip-top shape at all times. Some drawbacks? Potential brain freeze and weight gain. Those with a lactose intolerance need not apply.

Salary: Highly variable, usually around $44,000 to $100,000 annually.


Crossword Puzzle Maker

Crosswords have shown up in nearly every newspaper around for decades. The people who create these puzzles often start off as freelance writers or editors. Having an excellent knowledge of language and your target audience is essential. Often, a crossword puzzle maker will have other writing jobs on the side.

Salary: Depending on the newspaper employing you, you could make up to $70,000 per year.


Presidential Poison Taster

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

If you’ve wanted to be a human guinea pig for political leaders, then this is the job for you. Rumours have been circulating that American presidents have long since used food tasters when having meals to ensure it hasn’t been poisoned, but Snopes reports that this is a real job. At a lunch event in 2013, President Obama couldn’t eat anything because his taster was not present.

Salary: Food tasters earn anywhere from $21,000 to $92,000 per year. Not much is known about those who work for political figures, but it’s safe to say anyone risking their lives during each meal is on the higher end of the pay scale.


Ostrich Babysitter

Photo by Emanuel Haas on Unsplash

Ostrich farming is taken very seriously in South Africa, where babysitters are hired to keep constant watch of the young birds, making sure they don’t escape, get eaten by predators, or fight with each other. The job can be quite challenging however, due to the aggressive and territorial nature of the birds. You have a better chance of getting this job if you have experience in animal care or some veterinary training.

Salary: $10 (100 South African rand) per hour, depending on the amount of ostriches.


Personal Shopper

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

If you love to shop and love people, this is the position for you. Companies will often hire personal shoppers to go around the store and help customers shop. They offer the customer a one-on-one experience, helping them choose what to buy and answering any questions they may have. Someone might need a personal shopper if they aren’t sure what to buy for a friend of relative during the holiday season, or if they want to expand their wardrobe but aren’t sure how.

Salary: $15-$200+ per hour, depending on the size of the company and what service is being provided.

Photo by Bo Peng on Unsplash

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