Dreams Come True at Toronto’s New DIY Soft Serve Shop

I scream, you scream. I dip, you dip.

Going for a dip has a totally different meaning this summer now that La Diperie, one of Montreal’s most popular crème glacée shoppes, has found a new home on the Danforth.

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The popular soft serve joint is a dream come true for ice cream lovers everywhere who crave a little more pizazz over the classic vanilla cone.

Sure, the chain only carries one flavour (vanilla), but the fully customizable menu guarantees a mass selection of possible flavours, ready to take your taste buds on the journey of a lifetime.

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So how does it work? The process begins with your choice of cone including options like hot puff pastry cones ($5) and the always popular waffle cone ($6).

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Then, for optimal tasting pleasure, ice cream cones are dunked in one of the 20-plus molten chocolate-based coatings…

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Rolled through your choice of any one or two delicious toppings…

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Like nuts, crushed cookies…

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tortilla chips…

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green peas (yup, you’ve read that last one right).

The options are endless.

La Diperie is CASH ONLY!
(Main image courtesy of La Diperie’s Facebook)