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Drive Soundtrack Is Getting A Limited Edition Vinyl Release

Nicolas Windish Refn’s 2011 crime drama, known for it’s star filled cast, well paced story and it’s epic electro-pop soundtrack is getting a special re-release.

With the film’s and soundtrack’s five year anniversary coming up, a new limited edition vinyl press will be available from September 30 to December 31. The soundtrack has been considered one of the best in film thanks to the five 80s-esque opening tracks and dark ambient score from Cliff Martinez.

Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” has become everyone’s favourite track to cruise to after nightfall.

The new edition, double LP will also feature updated artwork (pictured below), packaging and liner notes written by director Nicolas Winding Refn and composer Cliff Martinez. If you’re a vinyl junkie and you don’t already own the Drive OST, put this one down on your list and look out for it.

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