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Eamon McGrath | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Toronto-based songwriter and author Eamon McGrath had a busy 2017. After putting out a critically-acclaimed fictionalized memoir “Berlin-Warszawa Express,” he embarked on a 60-day tour that took him from Mexico, to Canada, to Europe, and back to Canada to release an album and tour again with Julie & The Wrong Guys. Between the two tours, McGrath moved to Sackville, New Brunswick after he was selected to be the Sappyfest Songwriter in Residence, a three-week writing and recording retreat.

At the end of the three weeks, he had written Tantramar, a record so infused with the town’s spirit that you can literally hear the the raccoons living under the studio, and the sound of train whistles blowing through town. The album also features contributions from Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis from July Talk, Jose Contreras from By Divine Right, and Jaye R. Schwarzer from Cancer Bats and Julie & The Wrong Guys.

“The concept of the record was to inject myself into the community of Sackville with the aim of using its spaces and the people that inhabit them as both a figurative and literal instrument,” says McGrath. “This is the most focused and ambitious record I’ve done since ‘Young Canadians’,” “I was at the mercy of the peace and quiet of the Tantramar marsh, and to cope, I made as loud and obnoxious a racket as I could.”

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