East End Development Plan Features Massive Retail Space, Transit Hub

Toronto's largest shopping centre could be coming to city's east end.

A proposed Toronto development plan wants “all roads to lead to East Harbour.” Developer First Gulf is seeking to transform the area commonly referred to as the “Unilever site” into an expanse of office, retail, and park space with a massive public transportation hub.

Plans for the redevelopment site, which is located north of Lakeshore and east of the Don Valley Parkway, are expected to employ “approximately 50,000 workers” throughout the 60-acre site just east of the downtown core.

A futuristic-looking transit hub would serve to connect the TTC, planned Relief Line, GO Train, and a proposed network of new roads. In addition to nearly 11 million square feet of proposed office space, the site would also host 2 million square feet of connected retail space, which could make it the city’s largest shopping centre.

More info via First Gulf:

21 Don Roadway represents an exciting, vibrant opportunity for downtown Toronto’s east end. By repurposing what was once the industrial heart of the region, our goal is to create a new and innovative commercial and cultural district. Once complete, this new district will connect citizens and businesses, so they can thrive in an unprecedented and highly urbanized vision of city building.

It’s quite a vision. We’re still in the pre-construction phase and current estimates are looking forward 10-15 years to completion.

Images via First Gulf and City of Toronto