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Ed Droste Deletes Twitter After Alleged Abuse For Criticising Taylor Swift

Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste thinks Taylor Swift has “been given a free pass for too long.”

A couple days back Ed posted a photo of an article that compared Taylor Swift to Regina George from Mean Girls, sparking a massive online feud with her fans. Using words like “calculating” and “self-serving”, he says she “frightens me genuinely”. He says he has “first-hand experience” of it too according to NME.


Swift, who has been pulling out all the stops with celebrity guests on her 1989 tour, led Droste to Tweet “tired of everyone sucking up to the power. Just Stop Feeding the monster.” And for that he “lost a lot of respect for a shit ton of thirsty celebs this week.”

What resulted in his comments was a backlash of hateful tweets from Swift fans. Droste claims that Swift fans “have called me faggot, ugly, dirty Jew and the works”.

Alana Haim, of HAIM who is both a friend to Droste and Swift piped in, “Done with friends who aren’t ride or die…Snip, snip, bye, bye!” This doesn’t seem all that surprising since HAIM is currently the opening act on Swift’s 1989 tour.

Shortly after, Droste deleted his Twitter account altogether, only before posting one final message: “Fame is an illness & I feel stupid for ever participating. You might see me on Twitter come New Years to say hi. Otherwise love the good 1s… Bye.”

He did not however, delete his Instagram account. He’s been travelling around the world taking photos for Vogue, which has made him a bit of a Instagram celebrity on it’s own.

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